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The SAP Customer Detail component is used to display SAP customer detail information from your SAP instance within Salesforce.

Locating the SAP Customer Detail component 

The information that is displayed in the SAP Customer Detail component is configured in the Lightning App Builder.

How to configure the SAP Customer Detail component:

  1. Navigate to the page where you would like to add the SAP Customer Detail component OR navigate to the page where the SAP Customer Detail component already exists. (Example: Account Detail page)

  2. Click "Setup"
  3. Click "Edit Page"

  4. On the left hand side of the screen, under "Lightning Components" scroll down to the "Custom-Managed" section
  5. Drag the SAP Customer Detail component onto the page (skip this step if component already exists on the page)
  6. Click on the Customer Detail component within the page

  7. Configure settings for the component on the right hand side of the screen

Configuring the SAP Customer Detail component 

The following settings control the display of Customer Detail information within Salesforce from your SAP instance.

There is a checkbox to the left of each display item.

  • Checked = will be displayed
  • Unchecked = will not be displayed
  • Display Header - header and icon
  • Display Customer Number
  • Display Name
  • Display Name 2
  • Display Phone 
  • Display Fax 
  • Display Email

  • Display House Number - displays before street name within the "Street:" field (Only needs to be checked if clients use a separate field to store "House Number" from "Street Name")
  • Display Street - displays after house number within the "Street:" field 


If "House Number" is stored in BOTH a separate "House Number" field AND within the "Street" field, it is suggested that "Display House Number" be unchecked.


  • If "Display House Number" is unchecked it will NOT remove the house number from being listed before the street name within "Street" field
  • If "Display Street" is unchecked both house number and street name (entire "Street" field) will be removed from view
  • Display City
  • Display Region 
  • Display Postal Code 
  • Display Country


  • You can also display custom fields within the SAP Customer Detail component using "Custom Field Presets"
  • Custom Field Presets is set to "None" by default.

TIP: If you have custom fields to display, see Customer Detail (USER_DEFINED) Custom Fields.

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